1.) The Antique & Vintage Explorer focuses on informing

readers about area businesses specializing in antiques

and collectibles. Features about businesses, shows,

questions & answers, and more are regularly published.


2.) The Antique & Vintage Explorer brings added attention to businesses and areas by promoting regular advertisers and shows in feature articles.


3.) The Antique & Vintage Explorer is distributed by the

advertisers and at selected Antique Shows and Flea Markets. The publication is FREE to the public and trade.


4.) We offer reasonable advertising rates and two full months of areawide exposure with a guaranteed minimum circulation of 10,000 copies.

5.) Why do people keep the Antique & Vintage Explorer?


Readers enjoy the feature articles, suggestions, and listings. The Antique Explorer features locater maps which are useful in planning "Road Show Trips"


6.) We always put the current publication and events on our website; including your print advertisement. We also  showcase our advertisers and events on Facebook.


7.) The Antique & Vintage Explorer has been publishing strong for 17 years and is continually increasing circulation.

7 Reasons to Advertise With Us